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The Virus

A virus is a small piece of essentially simple molecule with a very small fingerprint that essentially latches on to a productive DNA and uses that DNA to replicate itself . After it has finished replicating, it kills the cell and bursts forth to 'infect' other cells. The virus molecule itself is essentially harmless and useless and does not do anything productive neither for itself nor for others. Its essential aim is just to replicate by hacking into a productive system by using the system itself. In fact its aim is to just produce more useless molecules and take over and kill any productive ecosystem. There is no 'why' for this to happen. The virus has no long term plan. It doesn't really care for sustainable reproduction. Its aim is just to multiply as long as it can ...thats its simple aim. The point is that it is very efficient and even organisms far more capable or efficient fall prey to it. They let it in and it uses the system to destroy itself befor
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Every structure be it organisation , process or material can be objectively judged by only one criteria " efficiency" . First of all does it do what it's supposed to do with minimum use of resources. For eg take "crying" .. Crying is very different process at different times. Sometimes it's to express sorrow , sometimes to relive stress , sometimes for show. It should be efficient in all it's processes otherwise there is no requirement for that process. The same goes for culture and traditions. They are supposed to make subsidiary social processes efficient towards building a more efficient society and man. The most critical part of building an efficient system is honest and brutal feedback. There can't be anything but a brutal feedback towards cutting all crap and making processes efficient. The failure to incorporate feedback is the hubris of any process. And repetitive feedback generally leads to the simplest and most efficient structure / proces

Crossing the line...

Crossing the line is subtle. There is no thunderous sound of something breaking or a clap of lightning that announces the crossing of line. Its almost like a magical drift of slow but sure red shift of a black hole approaching astronut. The information just stops and the irony is that the astronomer who slides towards the event horizon barely notices that he has crossed it. The other individual however observes a slow erosion of information and a fading into darkness. Ominously saddening yet inevitable. The warnings are always there. Loud and gravity defying. We just chose not to hear it. Its just sad that these things happen this way. Sometimes you wish there was a better way..But I guess if there was a better wasy there would be. Those who venture into that realm of fact and fantasy should realise that if gravity can bring masses together..Its the same gravity that can tear you apart. Slowly but surely. Painful yet truthfully. How close it is to human emotions as people bound b

The lens of life

I wrote this piece of shit when I was a bit drunk : 'Even if the entire world is shit..or so it looks like, remember one thing. The lens through which we perceive, feel and conceptualise 'the' world is built by us. The clearer we are in making that 'glass' , the 'purer' we are ..the world will appear so. Some say that the only way to live is to be 'brave'..I differ. The only way to live is to be 'scared'...Scared that this is your last day on earth. 'Scared' that maybe tomorrow I wont be able to smell the flowers, see the colors or touch the sky. The only thing that is truly your own worth building is memories. Don't take photos..take experiences. Its one imprint that's truly your own. Love! thats the only thing worth feeling...if you haven't experienced it are either an idiot or an asshole. Imperfect,stupid and sometimes deceitful..Love,whatever it is its worth a try. Majority doesn't ma

Do we deserve Modi ?

I started writing this piece when the elections were in full swing. Now I am that kind of asshole who will watch up Elections 2014 all night and give the Football Premier league a major miss. And I dont know why I stopped in between..maybe my thoughts were a bit flustered to be coherent.. Modi as a phenomenon burst forth in these last elections and every journalist worth his NaCl was analysing the pros and cons of this man. Some were regurgitating the 'modisms' while some assholic Red Party members were comparing his rallies to Nuremberg Nazi propaganda. Fear mongering at the rise of 'right wing' extremism and 'crony capitalism' reached a frenzy in the media while the elections were in full swing... We Indians are weird lot..our best discussions happen over the overtly sweet roadside stall tea. The irish have their pubs ,americans their bars and we have our chai party. As we stood discussing weather Modi deserved to rule India or he was just a demon in disg

The happy porridge!

Someday I think I will write as honestly as I want to. Why someday because somewhere I believe that the meaning and semantics of 'honesty' have got blurred by a strange porridge floating around... Its now become difficult to pick out the truth from lies. Strangest thing being that sometimes the lier himself/herself has forgotten that he/she is lying. There is no fog of confusion ..its just that there is a group pleasure in keeping eyes closed. Its a juggernut that's surely and slowly moving towards sure braindead scenario.The only sure determination being 'moving around'.  Not only that, it has somehow discovered the numbing pleasure of being brain dead. A slow juggernaut of porridge pushing its way through caviar and uber food..converting everything into ..well ..porridge. Nameless,faceless,tasteless ..happy porridge. Yeah...that is important. The 'happy' factor. Happy in its namelessness, classlessness, and socialnesses. All the 'nesses' excep