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Thanks to Will for introducing me to acryllics ..dude! you rock!!

his website is


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Solitude ki maa ki aankh - hampta pass trek

 I prefer solitary treks. I prefer walking alone. That being said I prefer company of likeminded people who do understand that. The hampta-pass trek kind of underlines the fact that no matter how weird you are..there are likeminded weirdos. Starting on a tuesday afternoon where I had to run from office (changing from formals to trek pants and seeing the look on the secretary's face was well an enlightening expierance). That and the worn out backpack in place of the breifcase and trek boots in place of the shiny formals to complete the look...Maannnnn I am expecting some puzzled looks back at office on this tuesday! Metro ride to Civil lines and rendezvous at the corny sounding 'Majnu ka tila'(fucckkk..who keeps a name like that??). Majnu was a legend and here was a 'tila' named after him. Woww!! Its like naming a drain after Ghalib..Ghalib ka naala!! So much for naming hot spots. Pankazzz was waiting along with Gear-ish and a host of eager faces. We board the volv

मेरा पहला हिन्दी ब्लॉग पोस्टिंग

ये हिन्दी में मेरा पहला प्रयास है। क्या ज़माना आ गया ....अब अंग्रेज़ी में टाइप करो और हिन्दी में लिखो। आक्च्ची बात है..बहुत अच्छी....बाद में कुछ लिखने की कोशिश करता हूँ....

When the time comes :)

When the sun will go down will go home.. When the dust has settled you will go home.. When the sweat has dried you will go home... When all has been what has will go home.. When the sun has gone down.. I will still be walking When the dust has settled I would still be wading thruh the path.. When the sweat is dried..I would still be sweating When all has been what has been..I would still be walking.. A breif moment of pass.. A brush of time... A touch of fun.. A bit of tryin.. When the sun will go down are sure of your home... When the dust has settled have your water ready.. When the sweat has have a cushion.. When all has been what has all will be a past for you.. I would still be walking... For I have no home to come to.. No cozy corner that I want.. No, I didnt think of it .. I am as ready as can be, for the roads I am as ready as can be for the dust I am more than ready for the fragile trust.. I am a