Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just happy

Electronics goods (esp laptops and smart phones) are some things that make me happy...I mean i do not count myself amongst "geeks" but I am sure u understand when i speak of expierancing the happiness of running ur eyes over the sleek lines ..well placed buttons ...the glazed screen..bright smart applications ....ooohhh....!! U get the idea I guess..

Today I went to buy a "cheap" alternate phone and bought an expensive one(well..not that expensive) ..proving once again that love is blind. But I think its worth buying sumthing u like rather than burning in its desire (as long as u do not burn a king size hole) .

I have regretted not buying what my heart desired as far as my lappy was concerned. I always feel maybe with 5 grands more..i would have been happier..!! but then there is a school of thought which says "you can never be satisfied with electronics"...be that as may..I feel there is a platue level of "electronic happiness"....

I m right now sittin on that platue...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fever & imagination

I do not know if anyone has escaped a high fever but there is an expierance i would like to write about here before i forget it(something like a early dream)...!
A few days i "caught" malaria falciparum ...Pretty sneaky fever and sneakier parasite.

Apart from the severe chill and pain there was something else which i expieranced.

I realised that when the fever was at the highest ..I got severely depressed. The world suddenly looked so dark and forbidding. Everything was really really negative. I was convinced that I would fail in whatever I was doing. My rents would be unpaid. My grades would come down...I would be handicapped. In short my deepest fears became magnified and projected themselves...To say i was suicidal would be an extreme but suddenly i lost interest in life. It was as if there was no point in living .... Its funny recalling all this now but then the feelings seemed so real . Maybe the whole atmosphere was more darkened by the fact that it was pretty overcast and raining heavily....
The time I slept..i dreamt that i was a computer going thru an algorithm of the film "jab we met" ...Swear! What can beat that ...Or the fact that somewhere i felt that if i could reach the end of this algorithm I could sleep peacefully. Or the fact that I was a printer printing out copies of people passing by(I kno its absurd ..and maybe I will myself not believe these hallucinations..thats the precise reason i am putting them down).

To tell u the truth I sincerely feel that Malaria does release some hallucinogenic minerals into the blood stream. I am no bio technologist but just an average sufferrer and I felt as if I was under some drugs influence when the fever was at its highest...Maybe some day some doctor will write his thesis on this(by the way does ever a doctor write his "doctorate" thesis..ha ha )

By the way did u ever have this kind of expierance anytime?

Jaane tu- A review

Directors like Abbas tyrewala make me proud of the fact

that i belong to a country which has bollywood ....!

Jaane tu ..is a film which is nice ,wonderfully ,

"differently " written and directed by a person who can

write the truth in all its myriad forms. He is not

infalliable neither can he be always right. He will most

likely make pretty rotten movies but not today. Today he

made me proud that India has such wonderfull talent .
The film is not too much on story as much as its on the

little nuances that jump at you when you least expect it

pull you hard and leave you breathless and refreshed at

once .
The freshness of the treatment spills into the

interaction between the dead Naseeruddin shah and Ratna

Pathak. Its brave , amazing and just the sense of humour

which was missing till now in majority of the shit that

goes around.

Most of the scenes are so well crafted that I feel that

its difficult to single out any but what hit me host

were the the interaction between between the parents .

Its so deeply etched in my psyche ...especially the

interaction between Meghna's parents. Its the most

original peice of interaction i have ever seen in hindi


Actually towards the end of the movie it actually made

me think ...Do we really know the value of things till

we lose them..our parents , our pets ..our freinds

.......!! Do we really know the worst within our near

and dear ones..or do we really go by the bar code on the

wrapper. And does the bar code always say the truth?

Maybe i am reading too much into a nice film...but thats

what is the job of a nice film is ...
Makes you think ....makes you a part of it and suddenly

you cant stop being pulled into it.
Sahib biwi gulam made me sad for choti bahu..Do beegha

zameen made me cry for the rickshawala racing on streets

of calcutta...Choti choti batein made me smile and being

a part of the quirky family..Khubsurat left me with a

happiness long after i left the movie...
Jaane tu..left me with a lot of thoughts....most of it

Mr Tyrewala ...good job