Friday, February 8, 2013

Bullshit Theory

In any group of people there are those who are productive and contribute and then there are those who are full of bull shit. The selection of people varies as a society progresses from a 'bullshit' driven society to a 'productivity' driven one. A bullshit driven society will have following characteristics:

  1. an almost religious liking for hearing only 'good news'
  2. Knee -jerk and dumbass reactions to perfectly sane happenings
  3. Too much of circular logic to justify anything as long as it suits the offender
  4. A psuedo piety and sense of culture which stands guards against any innovative idea
  5. A craze for 'nice' people
  6. A pathological fear of facing the truth
  7. Selection of candidature based on what is said rather than what is done.

A productive society will on the other hand have :

 1. an almost single minded devotion to improving the quality of life
 2. A desire to hear the reality and take corrective actions.
3. A fundamental belief in the truth of 'crime=punishment' and vice versa.
4. Selection of candidature based on meritocracy.

I have made a simple graph of the same . It looks fairly simple as to where we stand :)