Friday, May 21, 2010

Who are the people I like to be with.

I like to be with people who are inherently intelligent and funny . If I am asked to define as to wat "kind" of people I love..One answer wud sum it all ..intelligent and ireverent. Somehow I have found these qualities so intrinsincally linked that its difficult to find a really intelligent guy/gal who cant laugh at him/herself. And such guys are fun to be with ... the days seem so short with such human beings . And somehow these guys can appreciate the value of things like silence and music and do not exert themselves or try too hard. Thats the beauty of such people..and the best part is that they are ignorant of this quality. Somehow I like being around such people..they make me happy and the world seems a much better place with these guys around. Words like "love" ,"respect" , "appreciation" and "honesty" suddenly appear to have a tangible meaning with these people . One tends to get lulled into a great sense of security which perhaps is possible otherwise with alcohol or drugs. Such people are capable of elevating a moment of mundaneness to that of extraordinary . A simple phone conversation can jump into the realm of intoxication..A discussion has the potential to become philosophical and a video can take on profound dimensions ..while at the same time Gods can be reduced to a joke or respectable holy cows to their lowly sheds. Thats the fun...And fun is something that these people take seriously and maybe thats very important...

Sunday, May 9, 2010


One of my very close freinds once read my blog on "expiriance" and suggested I write about loneliness..

Here I go..

First thing first , I never felt lonely ever in my life. Infact I am one of the few guys who enjoy solitude. Solitude is wat I look forward to...And while equating solitude with loneliness is not fair, i wud dare call solitude "enjoyable loneliness". So wat must "sad loneliness" feel like?

I must imagine it must feel like hell . It must feel like someone has wrenched a part of your body and that place feels hollow and empty...yes, maybe loneliness is much like emptiness . Emptiness of heart and soul that somehow makes you feel that u are one half of some godforsaken project which the other half is somehow not under control. Maybe the other half is not always a person but a persona ..! Persona which one has himself built ..So loneliness in a way a self created illusion.

Look at it this way. You wre creating a persona of a person who in "your" perception made you "not lonely" . Hmmm..interesting. Which means that the persona is your own creation and somehow under your control ..but nope..u ant to give it a free will. So it wanders on its own and makes you "sad lonely"..! bloody hell wat am I talking??

Sorry boss .."sad lonely" isnt my cup of tea...I give up !