Friday, March 11, 2011


1. Silence
2. Hello..hows the sandwich?
3. Smile
4. Do u think there will be a problem with generation gap?

5. Everything is there in my biodata!
6. Do u do yoga?
7. What are your expectations?
8. are you ok with this?
9. You must be having a lot of girlfreinds.
10. You look adventurous.
11. Kingfisher dress isnt bad !
12. Smirk.
13. Ok , so , hello
14. Smile
15. I can take care of it all
16. Angry look
17. I am not selfish
18. I want to work
19. My name is ....
20. I will have a chicken later in the day
21. Respect my folks.
22. I am a simple human
23. I want to stay in India
24. I love trekking..but havent ever dun it
25. .....
26. I love challenges
27. I am a topper
28. What do u like?
29. Love my parents , cant stay away from them.
30. Want to settle outside India
32. .....
33. I cant speak english properly
34. I dont eat non-veg and am very religious
35. Smile
36. Wat do I call u?


The heroic atmosphere!!

I asked myself once as to what actually makes a "hero"? Why does one society throws up so many men of character while some societies seem never to get it right? Why do some societies ..cultures...races ..seem to throw up strong men while others churn out mediocore ones?

Getting caught up in the nurture versus nature debate was getting me into circles so I asked myself the classic socratic question..Define a hero?

What is a hero? Is he a superman or some ordinary man who rises upto the ocasion? Is he born a hero or is he moulded by his environments into becoming one? I guess ..neither.
A hero is defined by his surroundings and his society. And society defines hero by what it actually considers "heroic"! And THAT is the crux because every society defines a hero by its own standards . There are no absolute heroes..absolute heroism is a delusion.

A hero in US will and never be a Hero in India . Infact the same qualities which makes one a hero in one set of society is his weakness in the other.
The other counterintutive point about heroism in a society is the vast chasm between what the society thinks is heroic and what it says is heroic. This chasm isnt a deliberate one..this chasm almost defines a stagnant society from a vibrant one. A society makes its own heroes and heroes in turn make the society ..a fake society raises a fake hero who in turn raises a fake society...