Monday, December 31, 2007


I have seen the dews go down on misty cold mornings..
The little pearls lose their sheen and merge with the humus..
I have seen them struggle for a lfe thats their own ..
Glorious, sparklin and shiny..
A little moment of unparalleled beauty of innocence ...
Struggling to stay on a attachment free leaf..
Quiverring at the state beyond and fearing...
Reflectin the sun back at the ground..
Pleading not to take me in...
I have seen the surface break into a blob of water..
I have seen them falling into the ground rot...
Pleading , crying and beggin for that extra moment of life..
Till they become just another blob of water on the ground..
Faceless , horrific and mundane...

thinkin aoud

I keep on hearing on all tabloids ..megazines and TV how girls are out to "prove themselves" and make their parents proud. A very laudible thing on the face value of it. Most of it come sfrom wanna be starlets with loads of attitude ..confidance ..and most of the times without a shred of cloth. Now dont get me wrong I love women without those stupid coverings ..! I mean just think of it if we were a burkha country like Sauidi arabia..!I wud commit suicide out of morbid deprsession. But How come i never hear these words out of women who are "actually" doin some thing. How come i never hear it out of women who have actually broken thru and are doin work that makes a difference...? How come Medha Patkar , Sonia Gandhi or maybe the president of Pepsico never made their parents proud? Or maybe they are too busy workin to give out sound bytes.
I feel strongly that women who make such statements are either beauty queens or South bound actressess whose defination of success is so well defined and narrow as to be limited to a music video or winning some logic defying pagent . I dont kno weather the real freedom lies in live in relationships, binge parties or smokin or sumthing else. Maybe i m just a small town conservative guy ...But i think there is sumthing amiss here. yes that is also freedom ..and maybe things are a'changin. Me nor anyone else has the right to dictate anyone elses life. Nor am i saying that things were goldined in the past . Waht i think is that somewhre we got it wrong..not in the total picture but some wee part of picture.
Infidelity or Sexual freedom is not a western concept ...Its a human concept. And its great that we are becoming mature with that. But i doubt weather sleeping around is the concept of sexual freedom. A woman or for that matter a man is not only a sexual animal..but sex plays an important role in life and relationships. A mature human being will never use sex as a plaything..or casually. Its a fun thing but done responsibly. One cant forget that we cant hide the casual attitude in our defination of the word freedom.
If u look around , things are lookin back at us with the results with the so called freedom without responsibility. Parents will never be proud of us if we abuse our freedom . Or maybe the new age ones dont care. Its perhaps a way of joinin the band if you cant beat them.
Thre is no collective "loss of values" or maybe i dont see it. Its perhaps something to do with the fact that sex is the shortcut to success for most women in field of glamour and perhaps nowadays success is the only thing that counts. I just hope they tell it like it is and not make it a groundbreakin statement out of that. I mean everyone knows that what everyone else is doin. Lets keep our bedrooms shut and our minds open

Sunday, December 30, 2007

As i wandered about

As I wandered about ..
Lost and confused mind loopin in its own turns
Returning to the came cross roads and takin the wrong turns again..
As i wandered about .. I stumbled and fell
I kicked dust and dust kicked me..
I tried to find truth and truth played hide and seek ..

As i wandered i came across many a lovely sights ..and ignored them
I saw pain and suffering and failed to be moved ..lost in my own world.
I tried to forget and forgive ..and maybe saw a logic in doin so..
I tried and tried and tried to put it all behind ..

As i Wandered ...
I lost count of time
Of relations of love and honesty..
I lost myself ... and hurtled towards a chasm that opened its hungry black mouth

And as I wanderd ..
I came back to the crossroads ..and asked myself..!!
Am i such a weakling..
And theni picked myself up..dusted the old memories..
I called out to the stallion of my inner hope and strength

and rode out stridently ...
Not for a moment wandering
but for an eternity of searching...