Friday, December 5, 2014

Crossing the line...

Crossing the line is subtle. There is no thunderous sound of something breaking or a clap of lightning that announces the crossing of line. Its almost like a magical drift of slow but sure red shift of a black hole approaching astronut. The information just stops and the irony is that the astronomer who slides towards the event horizon barely notices that he has crossed it.
The other individual however observes a slow erosion of information and a fading into darkness. Ominously saddening yet inevitable. The warnings are always there. Loud and gravity defying. We just chose not to hear it. Its just sad that these things happen this way. Sometimes you wish there was a better way..But I guess if there was a better wasy there would be.

Those who venture into that realm of fact and fantasy should realise that if gravity can bring masses together..Its the same gravity that can tear you apart. Slowly but surely. Painful yet truthfully.

How close it is to human emotions as people bound by emotions are torn apart by it. The same confidance that nurtures it is the same force that tears it apart. Is it blindness to ignore the approach of the edge of that black hole where gentle gravity turns to destructive tidal gravity? Or is is the sense of security that lulls one's sense of gratitude because of the pervasive nature of love and respect? Is is that the slowness of time affects thoughts and somehow your descent is invisible to everyone except you?

Whatever it is ..One adage remains. Once the line is crossed lose that universe..Forever. ;)

Monday, December 1, 2014

There is a line ..

Here it is