Sunday, April 25, 2010

The expierance..

Sometimes we come across some expierances which are so honest that we
wonder if its actually true ..And the basic underlying fact of honesty ironically
makes it even more illusive. You want to hold it so tight that sometimes you
feel it slipping rite thru your fingers ...hold it tighter and it slips faster..! I wonder if thats the beauty of it all...maybe the slippage itself is a part of the scheme of larger things..the feeling of the slip being as much a part of expierance as the sands itself..? may be ..maybe not? Who am I to comment on something thats beyond me...
That expierance could be the shower of yellow flowers on a solitary tree..that expierance could be the wide blue sky..a well designed furniture..a handsome human ...fleeting foot prints on the beach or a conversation..
You want to relive it yet again and again because somehre it moved you beyond the drudgery of mundane ant to relive it because somewhre you realise that life is a bit more dragging . But then that expierance has a mind of its own..u cant dictate it to do ur bidding..its free and in its freedom lies its strength . If it was repetative maybe it wouldnt have the same power to move you.
It will come to you in another form will move you..exhillarate you and titilate you ..but but but on its on terms . And boy are those terms tough..but yes it can be can be repeated ..provided you seek that and that alone.
You cant superficially fool it ..u cant buy it...u have to keep improving urself in the hope that someday that expierance will oblige you ...And wait for its mercy..
And maybe that expierance will take pity on you and consider you worth the while to move you..Till then just ait and raise urself...thats all you can do and thats all u must do..If you really ant it ...that is..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Characteristics of hapiness...

Nope its not about pursuit of Naomi Cambell ..and then it may be also. In
keeping with my original goal of doing what makes me happy...I was
thinking as to what is it that makes me happy?Can I put it in some format of
thought? Can I build a set with it..?What are the characterisics of my
hapiness?Hmm..lets list it out..

1. Process as opposed to object- My hapiness has the characteristics of process
not an object. The difference is important. Because an object has very different
characteristics to that of a process in the sense that a process is dynamic while
an object is static.Neither is superior but then the essence of a process is that it
keeps changing shape and form and the bar keeps shifting.

2. Means - As far as my on hapiness is shoudlnt come at the cost
of someone elses. I will not as far as possible try occupying someone elses
fields ..rather I will try to grow my own plants . This may seem as a rather
altrusitic point till one sees it only as common sense. If I tread on thers
happiness not only I create an enemy but I waste my resources trying to get
someone elses pants..which of course may not fit me properly.

3. Beauty- This is the final and the motive behind hapiness. If I find no beauty in the particular hapiness then there will be disharmony. Satyam Shivam sundaram ...Truth alone is beautiful .What is not beautiful is not the truth. And what is not truth is transient and hence is incapable of giving last hapiness. In a way this IS the final basis...The only basis. And beauty can exist in a spoonful of caviar or in Naomi Campbell ;)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why dont you keep shut? you think you are too smart? Dont ask stupid questions. There is no answer . Thats known only to God. We are not suposed to ask such questions. Wat makes u think everything has a logic? Faith and trust makes the world go around. Someday you will grow up. Why dont you get married? Marriage will reform you. You need a girl not logic. Everything cant be explained by science. Shut up.