Friday, February 24, 2012

The mundaneness of life!!

There have been so much of gyaan on life that one tends to get overwhelmed ...especially when coming to leading it the "correct" way. People rush to godmen , psychologists, quacks and philosophers in order to find "deeper" meaning of life!! Sometimes following them to such a degree of imitation that their own lives becomes a sad caricature of those they seek to follow. Its a sad thing to see.
Sad because its like a begger sitting over a trunk of golden coins , asking for pennies. The men that tend to lead him never encourage to open that trunk because of the simplest reason that once he gets hold of that trunk's keys then he will never need pennies from you.

My two pennies about life (not to be followed or taken seriously) is this. Life is a verb and not a noun. Its a continous process and no one ..NO ONE ..knows the "right way". They might have done something which would have worked out for them but given a slightly different scenario it would have worked totally opposite! Hence to ape someone else's life is not only stupid but catastrophic.

Morality and ethics are not trash , however one must realise that absolute ethic and absolute morality is stupidity taken to extreme. If anyone starts his talks with morality and ethics prepared for a truckload of bullshit ahead.

Political correctness is another great paradox of life. The politically correct are often the most useless, talentless and unexciting blokes that you can ever meet. However the love that the general humanity bestows upon these assholes is inversely proportional to the use they have to humanity.

Love is a rare thing. Grab it whenever it comes your way. Even if its fleeting, even if its stupid, it has the rare distinction to make you happy. Love in whatever form, be that of automobiles, clothes , persons ..whatever shows that there is still a small part of you which can take decisions on its own.

As far as I can deduce, life is basically a mundane grey and undulating landscape. You have to make it exciting, lively and lovely. If you cant spare the honesty and perseverance to do it..probably you are just happy the way you are..

Stop wasting others time ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Fool!

The fool is the epitome of survival. He has no special talents hence he doesnt feel the pain of being kept away from anything. He doesnt love anything so deeply as it can hurt him and hence he is powerfull. He suffers from no ego or shame as he has neither. His standards change with every situation hence he fits in everywhere.His flexibilty gives him great powers. His passivity is his strength. Hedoesnt fight, he waits for his competetors to give up. He doesnt have to do any thing to the best quality, mediocrity is his right. His aims are dictated by the biggest group he belongs to and hence he is a team player. He can sacrifice his love for work because there is nothing to love. His priorities are vague hence they never interfere in his drudgery. He will laugh if the majority laughs and will cry if the majority cries. He will do everything with great averageness and hence will have a presence. His expectations are zero and he doesnt posess a spinal cord.

He is invincible. Never ever understimate the power of a fool !!