Friday, January 22, 2010

Why honesty?

Apart from the fact that Sister Amelia told me to be honest in one fine moral science class ...I have yet to find a concrete reason to be honest. Concrete from the point of view of morals and ethics..!
Yet as I try and tell people to be honest I must try and find out the motivation for being honest..
Why should one be honest?
That is an interesting question ..! Interesting because every sense in this world tells us that dishonesty pays . You can cheat and get rewards ..what are the rewards of "not cheating". Lets not get into the God bullshit...! What are actually the rewards of being honest in this world?

In answer to the question ...I feel I just know my motivation. I dont know why should you be honest ,I only know why should I be honest ..and I spell them out...

1. Honesty leads to a simple and elegant answer. For example when some one forces you to drink can say "today is i will not drink" ..or you can say.."because I dont feel like". Now which one do you think is simple and elegant? The first answer will make you dishonest to cover it up while the next answer will make life simpler. Similarly if you are honest the things that you need to cover up will be so much less that it will make life simpler and linear. You will forget to tie urself in knots thinking of the next dishonest answer..That is a tangible reward.

2. Honesty makes you realise what is it that you are looking for. Yes thats true. Everytime I give an honest answer I have to rethink my priorities. Its like a mini soliliqy. I talk to myself. What do I want ? The truth is that we are all seeking that answer ..and honesty brings us one step closer. In the earlier example ...the first answer will somehow make me spell out the fact that I really dont like drinking while the other will take me away.

3. Honesty leads to the very thing that you want. Honesty is a step wise process..With every honest answer I realise somthing about my aims in life. Its not just a sidey answer ..Its a profound truth about myself. Its bringing me closer to what makes me happy. If thats not a tangible result , what the hell is?

4. Lastly I am honest because I have seen the benefits of honesty outweighs that of dishonesty in long term. Honesty has made me a happier and a merrier guy with no qualms about my weaknesses or shortcomings. I know precisely what to do because with honesty the answer lies right before my eyes..I do not have to think this way that way...or twist myself. It keeps my mind free to enjoy the beauty before me.

All four points are basically the variation of the same thing. Honesty is simple, less time consuming, more rewarding and makes me happy. Thats it. I am not a God believer but a man believer..So it kind of sits ideally with my faith or rather the lack of it.

I am honest because it benefits me tangibly and not because Sister Amelia told me to be ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Singularity of human relationships..

At the cost of sounding noo much of a negative ...or maybe at the cost of sounding too much of a loner. I feel that at the end of the day not only me but everyone else is alone. Alone in the sense that there is a singularity for every relationship..
Which put simply means that there is a breaking point for every relationship..freindhip ,love,lust etc etc. At some point the best of these fail and we should learn to accept that the only thing left with us is ourselves .
I dont argue this point with anyone because then it leads to superflous arguments and stupid cliches ("no man is an island") or even heartfelt suggestions("u shud fing a gal")....! The point of the argument is not getting over solitude ..but enjoying it.

If one looks at it I am not selling this idea to anyone...its just there. If you have the courage to look at it in the face you will see it. Thre is nothing negative about it. Know the singularity of your relationships and learn to accept that even the best laws fail at some point..before you start making tall claims on your near and dear ones...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year!

This day ..

Swinging between the hopelessness of existence and the reward of living, as I sit , memories flood me.Past present and future..yes future. So here I am where I am and existing both at the same time and both simultaneously not possible. I want my mind to go blank ..just blank. I don't want to think...I want to feel the night . A night where superflous music rocks dumb minds and lulls one into a trance. A trance which is much more peacefull and happy than being and acknowledging what is around...Confusing and comforting. No structure or shape amorphous present . A drug induced stupor of good living and comfortable existance under which lurks the "monsters under the bed of calvin"..Kafka would have been proud.. Jung prouder still...

How can a "new year" change anything? How can any amount of resolutions make us better? How can pretty pink and roses cover the smell of the gutter we call the world? How can we cover up a drain hole and paint it happy?
A room freshner doesnt clear the masks it. A cosmetic surgery doesnt heal the scars of the ugliness that pervades just covering up. Why are we so concerned with beauty that we fail to adress the grotesqueness beneath..?

Why do we think that a person who show you the mirror is pessimist? Why do we always want to hear good news that we end up killing the messenger?
Why do we like to be fooled over and over again like a CD playing trance over and over...? Why do we behave like morons when we are capable of standing face to face with all the guts and gore?
Why are we scared of the truth till it sits on our head?

Why do we celebrate new year when nothing in us changes...nothing?

Random thoughts on a random day we choose to call the new year eve....