Sunday, April 15, 2012

In defence of our politicians

There was a story shared by a guy on a social site. It goes like this.... A man goes to a shop and sees a bronze statue of a rat in a shop. He kind of likes it and asks the shopkeeper for the price. The Shopkeeper says "10 $ for the statue and 1000$ for its story"....Now being an Indian , the customer pays only 10 $ and wallks out with the bronze rat. As he walks out ..hundreds and thousands of rats get out from all alleyways and corners and start following him. He gets scared and runs for the river. Faced with a multitude of rats he in panic throws the statue into the river..The rats all jump into the river following the statue and die .
The man rushes back to the shop ..panting. The shopkeeper smiles and asks him"So, now u would want to buy the story?"...The man looks stunned and shouts back.."Fuck the story..u got any bronze statue of an Indian Politician!!?"
Good natured , apt and however funny the story may be ..It underlines the deep resentment that the political class inspires in a "normal" man on the street. Everytime we win something in sports, entertainment or otherwise..we almost always have a politician countering it with something pretty cheap and despicable. True we hate our politicians. But before we jump the gun and start a fatwa calling for a beheading of all of the political class, we must sit down and first have a good look at ourselves first. A politician in India is not a foreign specis. He/She/It was born in the same society that he rules , he was born with the same ethics and morals that the society followed. He was born amidst us with the same aspirations and ambitions as that of
his electorate. Then suddenly how come he became the villian of the movie? How come he is responsible for most of organised crime business? How come he rapes women and kills children like there is no tomorrow? How come a nice guy like us becomes a "Politician"? How come?...

Nice guy like us?? Hmm...!! Nice guys like us? Yes of course..Nice guys like us ! Nice guys who never follow any rules..or rather follw rules as it suits them? Nice guys those never ever have any moral issues with accepting bribes..or giving them? Nice guys who will create an ethical or moral debate over the length of a girls skirt but will eat in the vicinity of a leaking sewerage pipe without even thinking a bit about the remedy for the same . Nice guys who will hoot for shaking boobs and jiggling bums but will never have the ability to see the art behind the show? Nice guys who will twist the story to suit their version. Nice guys who given enough leeway would molest every maid that ever came their way. Nice guys who will flick that extra earphones from aeroplanes, pinch butts of women in bus and spit over a nice clean corner..

Of course , we wonder how such devilish politicians came from amidst us..We wonder!