Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Every structure be it organisation , process or material can be objectively judged by only one criteria " efficiency" . First of all does it do what it's supposed to do with minimum use of resources. For eg take "crying" .. Crying is very different process at different times. Sometimes it's to express sorrow , sometimes to relive stress , sometimes for show. It should be efficient in all it's processes otherwise there is no requirement for that process. The same goes for culture and traditions. They are supposed to make subsidiary social processes efficient towards building a more efficient society and man.

The most critical part of building an efficient system is honest and brutal feedback. There can't be anything but a brutal feedback towards cutting all crap and making processes efficient. The failure to incorporate feedback is the hubris of any process.

And repetitive feedback generally leads to the simplest and most efficient structure / process.

Hence an efficient society seeks simplicity ... A sick society seeks complexity.