Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Requiem

Its sunday night and I dont want it to end..
The saturday is over and so is the sunday..
Its all clear today ..but I dont want it end..

I dont want to see the monday sun..
I dont want the zombie run..
I dont want the ride to office..
I dont want the formal slide..

I want this night to stretch to eternity..
I want want this night never to end..
I just dont want a piece of action..
I want all of the weekend ..

Its sunday night and I dont want it to end..
The days perhaps will..perhaps this night..
Perhaps some days weekends will be weekdays ..
Perhaps time will bend ..

And those days will be the happiest of my life..
Till then leave me ,my friends ..
To cry over a spent week..
To cry over a happy weekend..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

each to his own

Each to his own...
Each to what he owns..
Each to the dead of the night ..
Each to the centre of the right..

Each to his happiness
Each to his tears..
Each to the sunshine he touches..
Each to his fears..

Each to the loneliness of his dreams..
Each to the pain of his screams....

Each to the path he snakes..
Each to the dead he rakes...
Each to the bloody heart he breaks
Each to the dagger he takes

Each to his silence and pain..
Each to the music of the slain..
Each to his own tragedies..
Each to the moment he dies..

Each to his music ..
Each to his logic..
Each to end of the road..
Each to the highway broad..

Each to his life and death
Each to the beauty on earth..
Each to the ugliness within..
Each to his piety and sin..