Sunday, September 25, 2011


Fickle is the god of love..
Fickle is the wind of pain..
Fickle is the joy of hope..
Fickle is the triumph of gain

Fickle is the sway of loyality
Fickle is the rule of royality
Fickle is the spear that hits
Fickle is the heart that beats

Fickle is the brood that bears
fickle is the shroud that tears
Fickle is the kiss thats sweet
Fickle is the furnace of heat..

Fickle is the human nature..
Fickle is the best of stature..
Fickleness the truth itself
Fickle is the other and self !!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dangerous Books

There are a few books that I feel I should have never picked up in my life. My life was much simpler ,nicer and straighter before I laid my hands on these books. It was like a life without cigarretes, booze or drugs. These books are the ones I completely blame for screwing with my mind in a way cigarettes or booze or drugs do with your pleasure centre. And like all bad habits that people pick up..these books hit me in my early teens and some how they like all bad habits have never died down. I will list down thse books so that everyone else can avoid them like plague and never face the dilema or issues I do. I am the best guy to tell you that...because its like a drug addict telling some innocent bystander about ill effects. Somehow I think it will make life better for the world

The Fountain head- By Ayn Rand
Atlas Shrugged- Ayn Rand
We the living- Ayn Rand

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance- Robert Pirsig

Catch 22 - Joseph Heller

The picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde

and last but not the least

Catcher in the Rye - JD Salinger

Me Nathuram Godse Boltoi- Nathuram Godse

Please listen to me and keep away. Especially from impressionable teenagers.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Al Vizag

If the CBI /FBI/CBI would take me a bit seriously I could reveal a very big secret. A secret so big that would make skeletons in cupboards tumble out like the aloo does in a paper thin dosa(OK , not a great simile..but too many dosas does play around in my head). Since no one here is listening , there is a place brimming with natural suicide bombers in india itself that just might be the place of prime recruitment for the Al Qaida. A place so naturally suicidal that it would make those sissy afgans squirm in their Pathanis (or watever). Its called AL-VIZAG.
I was introduced to these suicide bombers like many new entrants to this madhouse..on roads. I was taking an innocent lil ride to the town when it happened.In a highway filled with heavy trucks and swarming with public busses, a lone figure of a young cyclist descended from the dark(streets in AL-VIZAG are dimly lighted they serve the dual purpose of training and transport tracks)..and proceded to cross the road in a diagonal (never heard of poor ol Pythogoras..) all the while talking on the Cell phone and all the while looking on the wrong side. With the trucks zippin past this lone ranger..It was a sight that almost made me search for the second seat belt. But hey ..this lone ranger had further aces up his sleeve. He proceeded to "overtake" a truck ..yeah u heard right. Overtake a truck...!! And wait , all this overtaking business from the left side of the truck. My my ..Osama would have been proud of this young man's desire to follow the "tao of dying for dying sake"..! And all this while still continuing on his cell phone. While the brave attempt all good victims I steered my car clear of this strenous "training session".
As I entered town , I was thinking that this must be the bloodlust of the single black(well he WAS black) male..but lo behold I was to be jolted out of my reverie.
Uncl e(without helmet) garu on a scooter with two kids infront , a hippopotamus at the pillon and a thin girl behind the hippo(most likely hippo's sister) , entered the crossroad from right , merrily chatting on his cellphone with one hand while manouvering his machine with the other. Multitasking at Sucide bombing?
At the traffic light I stopped to take a break ...while a scooter with similar hippos stopped by near my car..and then suddenly out of nowhre the scooter along with its occupants just collapsed on my car. Yes,I swear I am not making it up(I have insurance papers to prove it). I was so shell shocked at the happenings till now at Al-Vizag that I couldnt react at all.
I mumbled "I am sorry.I was here" to the embarrsed Uncle and promptly wrote my secret report to the CBI..titled "Al -Vijag-The suicide bombers haven"

Sunday, September 4, 2011


The most dangerous quality of a structure is equilibrium. A structure which has equillibrium does not strive to either get better or worse. It just stays and by the very virtue of its "staying" it does not change. Which means the follies get crystalised as do the goodies. But the only factor ie crystallization itself multiplies the follies and degrades the quality of courage . Because courage requires the ability to change ..and equilibrium by its very nature abhors change .
The only problem with equillibrium is that in any form..over a long time..equillibrium is self destructive. Strangly , equillibrium, stiffles creative thinking and cuts the losses. However one must realise that equilibrium would have been nice and lovely if all around there would be equillibrium. And thats not so .
The world around cannot be in equillibrium,there are small offsets going off which somehow introduce an imbalance that moves it forward(its a bit like move forward because you introduce an imbalance )...And getting stuck in an equillibrium bubble with a changing world around it is a very very dangerous situation.
Its like a bullock cart stuck on a freeway ;). Its in equilibrium (Its stuck) but it carries a very high chance of getting hit

Quality of Anger.

Anger by its very nature is illogical. People get angry because something appeals to it other than logic. Its something that they do not understand or its something that triggers a primal instinct to fight. Extreme emotions ,extreme love, extreme hurt, extreme feeling of betrayal or even an extreme form of happiness sets off anger. Anger is neither good or bad. Its neither harmful nor useful. The actions resulting from the anger results in destructiveness or constructivity. Without emanating actions , anger is like a detonator without the explosive. The quality of explosive determines the quality of explosion , rather than that of the detonator.
Trying to justify anger is like justifying hunger or sleep. There is no justification . It happens precisely because there IS no justification,no logic or background casuality. Trying to control anger is not possible . If its possible its just that you are not angry enough yet,or maybe your threshold of breakdown hasnt come yet. Neither is "chanellising" anger possible. Actions arising from anger may be put in a certain format to define "good" or "bad". It is important that we try not to "understand" or "label" anger. Like most emotions , love, hatred or pain..anger will defy logic or explanations. Any explanations would lead to a lot of wild goose chases which will confuse ordinary human beings and lead to tangential thoughtlines.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Qualities of a nation

If I had to look at a degrading rotting civillation what would I look for? What would
characterise the the deepest qualities of a civilastion which has run out of fuel? Its a
very tricky question and maybe I cant put it into a few paragraphs ..But yes one can touch
upon a few "lackings" that would somehow color a nation/civilisation on a downward spiral:-

1. Lack of acceptance of reality- No civilation is perfect. It evolves . It changes its
shape . The differing points between civilastions is the reason it evolves. A vibrant
civilisation is capable of separation of cash from trash. It somehow has the uncanny ability to filter out the rhetoric from logic and practically select the most viable alternative.The most viable alternative is not the most pretty nor is the most "logical"..Its simply the alternative that gets the work done in the most efficient manner. The nations/civilizations which dither at this point of choice miss the bus over and over again till they degrade to the level where their choices are externally imposed. The only cure that the rotting civilisation can administer is huge doses of delusion and denial .

2. Lack of a strong feminine/matriarchial culture- While I am no fan of women's lib movement(they tend to go overboard , as do women) , the lack of strong women reflects the weakness of a civilisation as no other social aspect. Women are better equipped, more intelligent , multifaceted and probably effect more people that men .But the paradoxical part of the story is that they are the most vulnerable also. They as a group are like a
inner radiating core who must be protected and placed in a postion where they can weild power. While a man can influence his peers and maybe immediate relatives, women's influence extends to generations . A nation which some how pulps its women into submission is in turn creating spineless mothers , mothers who somehow give rise to a generation of spineless creatures which turn on the most vulnerable section..women. Its a negative feedback loop that feeds itself till that nation reaches the nadir of exploitation and subjugation.

3. Lack of respect - Respect is a universal characteristic that somehow percolates down from the organisational to individual levels. A nation/civilisation which is on dying threos seems to suffer from the total lack of respect. Respect in all its forms, self-respect, respect for space, respect for views, respect for ability , respect for merit...! And somehow while this lack of respect is disguised in terms of "freindliness" or some other politically correct eats into every individual till he just becomes a passive player . The down side of lack of respect is the death of the group which holds to respect..and rise of groups which just dont have it. Gradually the reins of the nation pass onto the latter due to either majority or just simply the lack of desire by the former.

4. Lack of moral high ground- Morality seems like a haloed shell which pops out only in literary writings. However the Morality I am refering to is simply the Zeitgiest of the society prevalant at any point of time. This morality is the morality that is practiced. While it may not be perfect , it is fashioned by the times and generally dictates the opinions and taboos of the society. Lack of a moral high ground by the society (the morality may be flawed..but it should exist) seems to be a critical factor in "good" and "bad" nations.

5. Lack of quality- Quality like respect is an omnipresent aspect which really cant be put down into a few words. And like respect , quality doesnt offer immediate gratification.However the lack of pursuit of quality defines the strategic rise and fall of nations and civilisations. A well made product is not well made only because of market considerations. ..Its well made because the person making it is in persuit of something beautiful. This pursuit is not practical..Its something that is inherent and nurtured by society. This lack of quality and its nurture by society effects not only material products but also thoughts and practices . Loss of quality actually breaks down the core of society ,ie family . And yes no amount of hugging, kissing and jewelery makes up for this lack of quality. A total lack about understanding quality and its desire seem to be the fulcrum of a rotting nation.

6. Kill the messenger - Last but (oh so cliched) least , the greatest and the most lamentable quality of such a nation is the zest to kill the messenger for the message. This singular folly cuts the very feedback required for constantly evolving and improvising a nation.

A nation/civilisation is decided by the will of its majority(even in an authoratrian setup). The majority decide its character and being. A few good men /women cant lift out the majority unless the majority is willing to be "lifted up". I guess this willingness and its presence will decide weather a nation thrives or continues its dismal presence.

PS: I have used the words "nation" and "civilizations " in the same breath but they are in fact totally differing concepts. However in the context of the article they are interchangeable .:)