Friday, July 16, 2010


Everytime someone returns from "phoren"..esp if he is a bachelor ..he gets asked the most famous question .."pssst ..did u do it?"

Well I have gotten asked that question a lot of times and in a lot of ways i a way this is my cumulative "NO" to them...
Why? Well lots of things maybe..
First of all "phoren" isnt one big harem of half naked nymphomaniacs. Its a normal country where "doing" it isnt actually on top priority of gals(sadly thats the case in India too)
Secondly although there are joints and outlets..I could never find the time half of weekends I was working for extra money and the other half I blew that money on travelling where was the money to "do it" commercially....
And thirdly and most surprisingly somehow that didnt strike me as priority number one.

But all those questions made me think about the kind of misconceptions people have about "phoren" gals. I have had the fortune of freindship of a few such "phoren" ones and let me tell u that its really nothing like what you guys think..

The girls as in India are as decent and as nice. Infact the only thing that differentiates them from Indian gals is their lack of complications .
And like gals all over the world you should treat them with respect and you will get respect. And as freinds they are capable of going to that extra step that would actually touch your heart. I would suggest that if you do come across "phoren" gals , treat them with respect and as freinds and try not visualising a naked nymphomaniac..
It will not make you a casanova but will somehow prevent you from being taken for a "desi sex maniac"...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Closing eyes and opening mouth!

I generally do not bother with what people do or behave like as long as they stay away from me. I am not a very social animal and I am happy that way..but what gets my goat is when people disrespect my time and privacy. Dude, there is a space where you exist not over step them or you shall be thrown out (as they say in Navy Act "with disgrace") .

Now thinking of such people I have come to a conclusion that this habit of utter disrespect for the other human beings time or privacy comes with a host of other sndromes . This is also the same category of people who think that by closing their eyes the world stops noticing them.
The same category of people sometime also are so delusional that they are convinced that when they do "good" deeds there should be instant gratification while the "bad" deeds they do somehow are not quite bad to warrant punishment...

Now thats not quite a bad logic when you apply it in your life...It becomes a slight problem when you start applying them across the board...why?

Let me list out the reasons along with the few other things such persons think a bit about before they close their eyes and open their mouth...

1. No one cares a damn. Corollary: you are not god's left b*ll so either you close your eyes or open your eyes one cares.

2. No one thinks of you as a saint. People are not as dumb as you think them to be.One golden rule: you are judged by wat you do instead of wat you say. ( I will give a good example..a muslim freind of mine somehow spent his time searching for a bottle of best vodka for all of us ..spending time and money on a product that he doesnt touch..why ? for us.
Now that gesture is worth a thousand words of suppliant silky touch..and cannot even rival that gesture)

3. Not everything has a cause and effect that you presume. I hate red color doesnt always mean that I found your red hat repulsive...not always.

4. your logic is alright with you but try not to cover up your mistake with a twisted justifying logic. you know where you stand and when you are giving a reason you are trying to fool no one but you.

5. when someone nods his head it doesnt mean that he agrees with could also mean that he/she is pitying you.

6. Be happy ....dont complicate your life and others by your stupid games. If you have so much of time spend a part of it in discovering your talents and groove. Much more productive and believe me you will make the world a better place..

Disclaimer: the reason I have written this peice is because i felt like it and maybe i am a bit pissed off because my third acryllic attempt didnt end up in the monalisa i wanted it to be. And I dont know why I am feeling slightly better at my charcoal attempts ... with malice towards none this peice was written...

Monday, July 5, 2010


Of late i have had this terrible urge to paint. And I say terrible because its something that i dont want to do now...I have exams now and painting is something i dont want to do. I dont want to lay out my paints and again fold them back..and my single cabin doesnt give me that luxury of a separate studio where i can leave my paints lying around..
So what to do...i cant stop...and this bloddy thing is in my head saying "paint paint paint.." ...I have hit upon a solution..
Pencil sketches and ink hassles.
And I am loving it...


The best part is that now no longer I am afraid to take on any subject..I just draw it..good bad ugly..I try to be true. For me now I dont want a "beautiful" painting .I just want it to be as true as real to the reality it represents.
This simple fact has somehow made me happy in a way i never was ...Now i am thinking why did I waste my time to try create beautiful paintings ..I shud have tried to do "honest" paintings and sketches ..I shud have not cared for those who ask for "wall hanging" style paintings ..(err..can u do me a reddish looks nice on my wall"....
But well..not too late any way..
I am still alive and my eyes can see and my hands can move and I can draw...