Sunday, December 5, 2010

If you believe..! Why should I?

If you believe ...Why is blind belief taken as faith which can lead you to uncharted successes? Why is it that somehow you have to discard your logic to "expierance" happiness? Why compromise and then call compromise ,faith? Why not call a bargain for what it is , a bargain only? Why cover every cold transation with a veneer of nicerites and then ..believe them? Why should I believe in something that I cant justify? Why should I base my belief on the whims and fancies of another guy ..? Why should my trust or lack of it be taken as a proof of paronia? Why should I clap for the emperor with no clothes? Why should I be hanged for others delusatory fantasies? Why should I have any reason to think that blind faith is good? Why should things happen the way they have happened? What is exactly the right thing? How do u kno its the right thing? Majority doesnt prove anything..before Coppernicus ,after all it was the majority who "believed" that the earth was stationary. Touche