Sunday, October 24, 2010

Buy me some..please!

Buy me a toy train ..
a train that chuggs out on a chocolate station..
A train that gets me to go anywhere I want..
just a toy train..just a toy train..

A toy train, a new ,love..
Buy me buy me buy me..
Wats the price ..who cares..
Buy me..

People are selling ..
and selling cheap..
selling all they care for..
They are selling..cmon buy me some!

Buy me a road ..I dont care..
Just buy me the road...
And I dont want the one with asphalt..
I want the one with the golden pavements...cmon buy me one

And dont tell me u cant buy..
Dont tell me that u cant pay..
I have seen the money on u ..
I have seen the drool of the sellers..cmon buy me!

Dont worry..someday I will pay u back..
I can sell myself..its no problem..
Its problem
Everything here is for sale..

I really dont mind the price..
Believe me I really dont..
Some one to buy ..some one to sale..
O wat a wonderful world !

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Levels of knowledge

In any knowledge scenario there are three levels of knowledge. The first level of knowledge is grassroot level empirical knowledge . This is the set of knowledge which would be something like practical sets of observations.Something like the knowledge of a farmer regarding rains..or a mechanic regarding wheels . This body of knowledge is the biggest conglomeration because as many as there are occupations there are observations.This would mean statements like "iron rusts"..."seeds germinate when placed in water" etc

The second level of knowledge would be science. It would mean the crystalysation of the first level of knowledge into pockets of maths,physics chemistry and biology. This can mean statements like "mass is property of matter","space-time is curved", "in an euclidain space the sum of angles in a triangle are 180 degrees" etc

The third level is that of metaphysical level which again is the crystalisation of the science. This can mean statments like " everything is relative", "the more you seek the more u find"

The worst part of this kind of division is that the third level knowledge is absurdely simplistic. And that makes is posible for a layman to mouth the third level even when he has no knowledge of the first two levels .

And these people make up organised religion charlatans ..gurus and spiritual leaders ! Sad but true