Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unlucky with girls

I am at a stage when most of my coursemates are having kids ..generally three four year old tiny tots. And frankly I enjoy playing with these guys. I love it when a kid invites me to his world. I dont know if you ever feel this high..but I do .
It feels like an achievement for me to be trusted by a kid ..because that I take as the biggest endorsement of my character. I feel very proud of that fact that without any "baby talk" ..I get accepted by most of them.
I say most of them and not all..and one pecularity that I have found that while I share a very comfy relationship with guys like jassi and aru and sunny...the same cant be said about girls. I dont know why but somehow girl kids dont like me ....
I dont know why..I would really like to find that out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ek sawaal

Today I have the time to write a blog after a long time. And I got a topic thats worth it.

Ever since I had given my first interview I always used to wonder what was it to be on the other side. Finally today I had the chance to conduct a higher rank examination for sailors and conduct the exam and interview and I am pretty proud the way it went and kind of enjoyed the whole process.

After the three hours exam I had to take interviews of the Radio related technicians. But somehow ended up with Power related sailors. And the first interview itself was an expierance itself...

My first question: " Now ...draw me a ciruit of a full wave rectifier"

A: " Rectifier..mmmm..ummmm ? sirrr? "

Q: Ok,so what do u mean by a rectifier?
A: Rectifier ..ummmmmmmm

Q: Ever heard of a rectifier?
A: Sir, meri angrezi thodi weak hai...rectifier ..ummmm...

Q: Yaar, ek cheez bolo..heard of AC current? DC current?
A: Haan sir

Q: To bhai ..AC ko DC mein kaise badalte hain?
A:...sir, Battery se..!!!

Q: Cool...(!@!@#@#$##$$..FAIL FAIL FAIL)
A: thanks u sir

Q: Ab batao ki diode kya karti hai?
A: Sir, ye to nahin pata...

Q: Ok, bhai, chalo ur interview over! Bye bye
A: Sir ek cheez batani thi....agar aap ki permission ho to...

Q: Ershaad
A: Sir ,main teen baar pehle fail ho chuka hun..ye meri last chance hai....please agar aap kuch kar sakte hain...Main padhai mein thoda weak hun par baaki kaam kar leta hun...please thodi consideration kijiyega


SHUD I TAKE THE HUMANITARIAN ASPECT AND PASS HIM(his pay and perks depend upon this exam ) ..? OR SHUD I FAIL HIM(because he well..is not simply worth passing?

WHAT DO U THINK I SHUD DO?What do u think I did?? ;)