Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unlucky with girls

I am at a stage when most of my coursemates are having kids ..generally three four year old tiny tots. And frankly I enjoy playing with these guys. I love it when a kid invites me to his world. I dont know if you ever feel this high..but I do .
It feels like an achievement for me to be trusted by a kid ..because that I take as the biggest endorsement of my character. I feel very proud of that fact that without any "baby talk" ..I get accepted by most of them.
I say most of them and not all..and one pecularity that I have found that while I share a very comfy relationship with guys like jassi and aru and sunny...the same cant be said about girls. I dont know why but somehow girl kids dont like me ....
I dont know why..I would really like to find that out.

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