Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vizag to Bhubaneswar

Car rallyists ride atleast a thousand km each day for days on end ...! I can imagine the fun especially if I recount my 464 kms of NH 5 from Vizag to Bhubaneswar by my Car. First of all this was an entirely new and exciting expierance for me although my coursemates have driven far greater distances. Secondly..the fun was doubled because I was doing this alone..yep all alone for the 400 odd kms.

Now , there is nothing very special about driving on a highway but somethings are important like starting early . I had planned on 5 but somehow could not make it out before 530 . By the time I was out on the highway it was 6 . Very pleasant wintery morning ..and sun rising on my right as I headed towards bhubaneswar. I intended touchin Srikakulam (arnd 100 kms frm Vizag) and stopping for breakfast however as soon as I neared Srikakulam , suddenly I felt that lets stop after the next 100 ..and so on it went till I hit a bad patch of road near Ganjam (in Orissa) . There I took a break ..stretched myself , refilled , had a soda and off I went again.
The ride was sheer pain till around 100 kms after Ganjam ..however the last 100 kms to Bhubaneswar were sheer pleasure with awesome highway and well behaved traffic(well..if u honked enuf they wud lissen)..

Long drives like these are a rarity for people like me and some of my freinds had told me that I shud take someone with me for either safety or boredom sake. I am ok on the safety part but boredom? naaah...! I dont think long drives bore me. For this this particular drive was about as good as it gets ...wind in my hair(or watever is left of it)..some nice ghazals and just me and the engine. How much better could it get? No one to disturb my thoughts one to pass unnecessary comments on the scenery ..and no one to stop me untill I wanted to stop. The freedom of the drive was worth the safety part.

Two things that I would take away from this trip ..

1. The Dzire is an extremely stable car . Which means that even at 120 km/hr u really do not feel the speed(its as stable as its at 40-45 ...and sometimes you actually get careless)In fact there were times where I was shocked to see the speedometer well past hundred when I had been thinking that at most it would have been 60-80..

2. Secondly , Contrary to my perception ..truck drivers were the most dilligent of traffic rule followers while tourist sumos/carriers and busses were the worst offenders.

Lastly ..I have realised that I love driving and that too alone...Its a pleasure I would want to take further..Drive to mumbai..mmm..lets see!!)..or Leh???


Anonymous said...

Go for kanyakumari to Leh,that will be the best.Try out.You will love it.

Anonymous said...

I Bought a new car at vizag, stepped up the accelerator and drove 35000 km until i was tired on driving.Everything en route was an learning experience. so my friend enjoy.

anjali gupta said...

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Satyabrat Mahali said...

Have you ever driven from bhubaneswar to vizag by car?