Saturday, December 26, 2009

Indian Insects

Indians are the most successfull of the race in the world ..if you judge by population alone. If reproduction was the sole critrea which a specis is adjudged , we as a race and nation have mastered the art and science of runaway reproduction..With some very uncanny resemblences to the actual kings of reproduction...Insects

Let me explain ..

Integrity- As far as we can fathom ..Insects lack morals. No , let me rephrase it , the only moral they have is the Nietzschian fundamental of "Strength is justice". Its a insect eat insect world where if you think beyond eating your competetor you are out of the specis . Indians are very similar in the fact that the only thing that matters is their own survival...others be damned. Integrity is the first casualty in this assault on morals and ethics. Indians define ethics as it suits them...and most of the times its such a crooked defination that the obvious truth takes deamonic shapes of twisted reality(sorry..i get carried away he he )

Discipline- While it may seem that insects are disciplined ..its most at the times not so. Its a discipline that arises out of a greed for food . Its a discipline that flows from top down enforcement .It is not a voluntary garb ..its a sporadic local hedgemony which benefits the top order. This discipline if enforced by the low order can yeild them considerable strength and ease...but this self discipline is impossible to implement. How Indian . See the lack of self discipline on the road,and see the forcible enforcement of discipline by local goons even on the roads.
This lack of discipline comes out in many other disciplines...have a look at our government bodies..our private companies and you will realise that in name of creativity we lack basic self discipline. This is inbuilt in the way we are bought up...
Our mothers spoil us..they say that in name of mother india, everything we do as a child is beyond reproach..we are bought up to believe that we dont need disciplne . Due to which , as a race we wander around kicking sand into each others face ...and swallowing some of it.

I suspect thats the way the insects are also brought up.

Short term thinking- Any swarm theorist will tell you that a large system of insects will not have any far non-local influence but will behave according local short term influences (the global influence will be there but the effect is very small)...! Now if you appraise the insect of a long term plan or repurcussions..most likely he /she will laugh on your face.
Indians are exactly like that. So concerned with the immediate enjoyment that the long term loss fades in comparisions. Try telling a man that making his 4 yr ol boy piss out of the train window isnt exactly morally building his character. Most likely you have to prove that point to him with two slaps..or he wont get it. Try telling Indians that watching Rakhi Sawant wiggle her assets isnt a bigger issue than lack of Electricity or state of roads ...
You might as well tell the insects..

Quality of Life- Insects are bothered about quantity of children..Not quality of life. A worker ant
is cool with reproduction ,leaving the children to "take care of themselves"...or rather other ants. Similarly although Indians profess undying love, most of the time they produce kith only to leave the parentiong bit to whims and fancies of "society"

Lack of faith in ownself- Insects act as if they believe in their society . This belief has a counter character..disbelief in ones self . SO most likely mob mentality rather than individual decissions make or mar that individual. Failures are blamed on individual inability to fit into the rotten and most likely redundant mold...

Corollary: I know that most ppl would throw up their hands and say.."err but u forget ..we are overcoming that and becoming a world power" . For those overtly optimistic ones ,I would suggest an honest look at India that is now . We are not fit to be even a nation..rather it will be some time before we can claim to be good humans . We are adept at making excuses ..for example we find the excuse of every defeat we faced ..starting from Nadir Shah to moghuls as "all assimilating Indian ethos"...! Do you see a future for such excuse giving men? Its like trying to justify a rape as a "slightly modified marriage"...!
See my point?

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