Sunday, May 9, 2010


One of my very close freinds once read my blog on "expiriance" and suggested I write about loneliness..

Here I go..

First thing first , I never felt lonely ever in my life. Infact I am one of the few guys who enjoy solitude. Solitude is wat I look forward to...And while equating solitude with loneliness is not fair, i wud dare call solitude "enjoyable loneliness". So wat must "sad loneliness" feel like?

I must imagine it must feel like hell . It must feel like someone has wrenched a part of your body and that place feels hollow and empty...yes, maybe loneliness is much like emptiness . Emptiness of heart and soul that somehow makes you feel that u are one half of some godforsaken project which the other half is somehow not under control. Maybe the other half is not always a person but a persona ..! Persona which one has himself built ..So loneliness in a way a self created illusion.

Look at it this way. You wre creating a persona of a person who in "your" perception made you "not lonely" . Hmmm..interesting. Which means that the persona is your own creation and somehow under your control ..but nope..u ant to give it a free will. So it wanders on its own and makes you "sad lonely"..! bloody hell wat am I talking??

Sorry boss .."sad lonely" isnt my cup of tea...I give up !


Yemula Pradeep said...

If anybody... it is GOD (if exists), who must feel lonely. He/she/it/ hardly hangs out!!!

Piyush Das said...

There can be an argument that there maybe more than one god..hindus type...and they hang out in swarglok... ;) everyone is happy .