Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some of my attempts ..

I never learnt painting in the strictest from a qualified teacher I am kind of handicapped as far as my abilities go...but the issue here is that I am trying ..and trying with sincerity ..


Keith said...

Love the top painting, with the reds and yellows.

The key thing is - don't judge your work by any criteria other than your own heart.

That sounds silly. but if you understand what I mean you will paint brilliantly.

Yemula Pradeep said...

Good work piyush...!

let me guess...!! the first one is london bridge, the second one is vizag - bhuwaneshwar high way, next is portrait of me, followed by Colaba in Mumbai and finally India Gate...!!!

you are inspiring me also to paint, I mean we both are engineers and if you can do this, why not me? oh ya... I forgot that I am lazy also!

Sami said...

way to go :) I love the attitude- your sketches reflect your honesty! cheers :)

Piyush Das said...

@Pradeep, All wrong guesses ;) but hey thats a great idea to pick up the brush..I wud strongly recommend Keiths blog as starting inspiration. Awesome work which gives you a real kick of inspiration...His comments are on top..please please go thru his works and start posting ur wrks also...!!!(then I can also maaro wrong guesses ;))

Piyush Das said...

@sami, thats real sweet...thanks :)