Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Fool!

The fool is the epitome of survival. He has no special talents hence he doesnt feel the pain of being kept away from anything. He doesnt love anything so deeply as it can hurt him and hence he is powerfull. He suffers from no ego or shame as he has neither. His standards change with every situation hence he fits in everywhere.His flexibilty gives him great powers. His passivity is his strength. Hedoesnt fight, he waits for his competetors to give up. He doesnt have to do any thing to the best quality, mediocrity is his right. His aims are dictated by the biggest group he belongs to and hence he is a team player. He can sacrifice his love for work because there is nothing to love. His priorities are vague hence they never interfere in his drudgery. He will laugh if the majority laughs and will cry if the majority cries. He will do everything with great averageness and hence will have a presence. His expectations are zero and he doesnt posess a spinal cord.

He is invincible. Never ever understimate the power of a fool !!

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