Monday, March 12, 2012

Jamnagar/Vadinar Maritime santuary

The most difficult thing to do on a Sunday morning is to get up from bed at 530. Despite the gargantuan efforts needed we all at Jamnagar decided that a visit to the Narura/Vadinar Maritime sanctaury was worth it.
So packed in tow cars we drove on to the Dwaraka-Jamnagar highway , took a right turn at Vadinar and reached the sanctuary at around 830. Its 55 kms dot from the Valsura naval base and fees are 250 rupees per car, 100 for camera and 200 for guide. Guide is a must.

We approached the sea bed and walked almost 2 kms inside in the knee deep waters as the guide showed us baby octopusses, corals, and starfishes. Missed Turthes and sting ray.

Must carry, includes, hats, waterproof rubber sandals and a great camera.

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Yemula Pradeep said...

Great way to spend Sunday or any weekday...! Although I would avoid touching and squeezing every little life form.