Monday, September 10, 2012

Deep inside..

Deep inside ....isnt a nice place. Deep inside is a scary place. A place of ghosts , apparitions and blood. Deep inside is a place no one wants to go. Light rarely enters and darkness rarely leaves. Its pulsating, dark and moist. It has a smell ..a mesmerisingly damp smell. Deep inside is a small beat...beating to its own rythm..sometimes erratic, sometimes sad and very rarely happy. Deep inside is a soft place, exposed to the elements it would wither and die ..but in the moist arena of memories it grows its own fungus. Its own poison ..its own nectar. It has its own movie and its own projector. Sometimes old vintage movies are shown ..rarely new movies come. Few people stay deep inside. Some are wanted some just refuse to go away. Deep inside loves hates light. Light chases away shadows ..and deep inside IS a shadow. Deep inside is a dirty place..its a bad place..its a vulnerable place. Its not a place one visits of a picnic..its a dungeon that most people are dragged to. There they are forced to watch the movie they hate the most...smell the smell they hate the part of life they hate most. Its a place no one wants to go but ends up invariably. Deep inside is a parasite that cant be killed, a parasite that cant be cured..its an animal which lives so deep that to kill it would be to kill the being. 

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