Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nice orbit

Ever since I joined the Dockyard in Vizag..Life has been a spin. The pace is maddening and almost always there is some work or the other. Since I was in IIT , I used to think that I will miss the lazy days of the campus..I will miss the comfort of being in jeans and t shirt ..I will miss the total lack of responsibility..etc etc..

However contrary to what I thought..I am loving it here. Although I get a wee bit nostalgic about my freinds like Pradeep and Vijay Venu...I really do not miss the lazy life in IIT. Not that the life was any cake walk but somehow it was way way less hectic than it is now. Here its the life of a ping pong ball..one bat to another...!

But somehow it never felt better. When I visit equipments, ships,shop floors and men at work...when I contribute something at a technical or managerial level..I feel so much more fulfilled. Its as if "this is where I belong..this is heaven". Maybe its the initial euphoria ..call it whatever you want ..but I feel great.

More so because slowly I am getting into a regular physical routine with games and run also..Plus there is something worth waiting for and I am enjoying aiting for that new arrival in my life..

All in all a good package if you discount my mothers comment "tu aaj kal kaun se orbit mein rehta hai..phone nahi kar sakta?"

Nice orbit...just a few revolutions to rev up the joy!


Yemula Pradeep said...

Sooooo.... happy to read this...!!! We too miss you here sometimes. Worse part is that I am not that busy. I get nostalgic about IIT even when I am still in IIT :) But then I am finding some good work or some good book or video or movie etc to fill my days with more learning. But the jogging-thing has almost stopped for more than a month now. Feeling guilty about that. Project work is also going at a good pace. I hope Muthy will meet you soon (with a camera).

one thing, do take some time out and blog like this, even very short ones.

Piyush Das said...

thanks yaar...will follow ur advice. ;)