Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cynical believer

Now that I have been told by my boss that I m too cynical and sarcastic for my own good..I have taken that feedback and tried thinking it through. I made a list of things I m cynical about and the things I believe in :

1. God: or more like the concept of religion
2. Essential 'goodness' of human beings
3. the 'Indian way' of doing things(do it because we have done it this way since2000 bc)
4. following societal rules
5. Marriage
6. greatness /chauvinistic view of organisation/culture/nation
10.casualty-if you do this>this will be your reward

1. Love/romance
4.crime and punishment
8. thinking clearly ,rationaly
9. Respect

So there it is. the lists are almost equal . Which means that I am cynical by 50% and non-cynical by 50% ,which also means that since there is no 'control' or datum I am pretty much balanced on cynicism.
As far as sarcasm is concerned I have to do a bit of further research :)


Yemula Pradeep said...

1. What about art and its interpretations by 'art experts'? 2. Women appear in both lists, which implies there are two versions of women. How do you differentiate?

Anonymous said...

I think i knw u frm some where...ur pics kinda look familiar...anyways i really liked some of the stuffs u have written....some of it is hard to relate to but still gud take...itz intresting

piyush das said...

@pradeep , Intrepretation of art is itself a very ambigous subject. There are no 'art experts' as far as I am concerned. What appears to me as art is artistic..and If I am rich enough I will buy it :). as far as women are concerned..I am pretty confused. Sometimes I think compared to men they are pretty much more intelligent and sane ...but sometimes their biology(hormones actually) make them really irritating. So they keep shifting in my list :)(which means that they have a wave-particle duality and I presently have no hypothesis which can explain it) . @anonymous, thank you for ur kind comments if you could label yourself that would be a great help in finding out any complimentary familiarity ;)