Friday, February 21, 2014

Dehli Belly

I have written reams on how I hate Delhi. While some have taken it as a personal attack on their inherent 'Delhi' spirit..some have counselled me to 'just will fall in love with it..give it some time'. Despite the fact that I have hated Delhi from the 'guts' I thought of formalising my thought process to see why I hate this place so much ..

First disclaimer: All people are not 'bad'. This is a stupid disclaimer. Of course all people are not bad. Its like saying that all apples in crate are rotten. Its statistically dumb. There will always be a minute probable chance that there will be good apples(or there will be small good portions in the 'bad' apples). But we throw away the crate when we are convinced that the number of 'bad' apples are beyond our acceptance level. For a poor starving guy a crate of 90% bad apples are 'good' enough..! Depends upon your quality acceptance criteria..! So I use my own criteria..and I am not really I have had loads of crates of apples,oranges and grapes(sour ones included) to benchmark my own level of acceptance . By that bench mark ..Delhi crate seems to be the most rotten .
But enough said ..lets get to the points:-

1.  Delhi middle class - Middle class are drivers of a city's ethos. They decide the cleanliness/gentileness/ and the overall culture. The lower middle class ..a derivative of the set define the ethos of lower level workings. The guards/plumbers/drivers etc are drawn from this class which is again driven by the ambitions of the majority upper/middle - middle class. Delhi's middle class is rotten to the core. Its a mindless bungle of ethic-less and stupid community which feeds off each other. It lacks 'education' (not degrees) and the primary indicator of cultural degeneration ie. status of women is dismal to say the least. Since women are stupid they spawn generations of stupider offsprings. The middle class in delhi can be characterised as a class which lacks 'respect' . Primary being respect for itself. When that respect is lost the core of a society is left to 'grab and run' ethics..slightly better than a stray dog's ethics of survival. However the irony of the situation is that since they dont have respect , they are aggressive and erratic. When you dont have the concept of 'respect' ..its an easy life. You dont expect or give quality.

2.Professionalism- I have found a profound sense of lack of professional ethics that underlie delhi. Its surprising because the amount of professional companies/organisation investing in delhi is high. Drawn from the rotten middle class, the employees of these professional organisations ,bring in an overarching sense of un-professionalism and erraticity(labelled as 'dilli dilwale syndrome').Its sad to see this spirit triumph over the professional ethics of the organisation..perhaps because of lack of options of finding non-natives wanting to stay and work in a hostile society.This is even more visible in Govt and service industry which lies in close contact with 'aam aadmi'.

3.  Accountability and policing- The lack of public and civic accountability ..blostered by the fact that the police is largely conspicous by its absence(why?).

4. The 'Chalta hai' attitude. Of course this is not endemic to Delhi but has been taken to a new level by the residents. Everything chalta hai. I guess when you dont have self respect or ego ..everything does chalta hai.

5. Confusion between EGO and Vanity. There is almost basic confusion between EGO and Vanity. So you have the vanity of Bling and cars but lack of ego to have the decency of parking. Or the vanity of splurging money on weddings but lack of ego to secure a clean toilet. This basic difference is almost absent and confused.

And I could go on and on..but then I realise that its really not going to make an iota of difference in these ass holes who are assholes just for the academic reason of being assholes. Loud smelly assholes . In all its naked putridness.
But what I can do is this..: I can tell my foreign freinds to not judge India by Delhi. Delhi is the worst face of an Indian city where fuedal mindset meets village garbage. Its basically a village with buildings and utter lack of respect for itself. The only sadness is that its the capital of this great country..

PS: One mystery I havent been able to solve is this..Why does a typical Delhi man wear a pant so ill fitted that he has to arrange his dick every five seconds..and why does a fat delhi woman wear a low rise jean where the crack takes on an ominous meaning.Why ..why the fucking hell why?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Although I still think that hate is a very strong word, but I couldn't agree more about the Delhites and most north
Indians for that matter. I call them ' mithi churi' and would never trust them and their honey coated conversation .it might be inappropriate to generalize them, but unfortunately , I am yet to find a north Indian who fits the bill.

piyush das said...

Hate is definitely a strong word but the way things are..another 'milder' word would have been dishonest.. :)