Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We the assholes

While we cant build institutions or personas..we are adept at pulling down institutions and characters. No one is good enough for us it seems. We as a people are the most lawbreaking citizens of the world yet we want a saint as our leader..we cannot run a single household yet want a person who can manage fiscal deficiet,distribute free food and also play the tabla? More than the Aam Aadmi..I think its the political leaders who should be entitled to a good populace in a democratic setup. Seriously, if anything I am more ashamed of the Indian Population rather than its leaders. Loose talkers and shallow assholes can never produce a great leader. In case he is produced by chance..we will drag him down! Gandhi gave us a central motive and was instrumental in giving us freedom but no ..he was a sexual pervert! Nehru gave us democratic legacy..but oh no ! he was a flirt! JP wasnt good enough! Indira Gandhi led us through one of the worst wars,but hell no..she was a bitch...!! Patel united india's federal structure but hey he was an autocrat. Manmohan Singh may be ridiculed but he did save our economy in needs of crises. Vajpayee led the highway and river unification plan..but hey he was a drunkard! Modi might have made a state jump to advanced standard of living but he is communal. I guess we need a guy who can do no wrong..sadly that guy usually doesnt do anything hence nothing will go wrong! I hope we chose that 'no-wrong' guy... this kind of society needs that kind of guy to pander to everyone..please everyone..forgive everyone and usually let everyone pull in whatver direction. How can we ever forgive anyone who tells us that we may be wrong? Insult ..Insult!! Ghor apmaan for the mango people. Here go lick a lolipop and be happy!!

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