Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The anti social

Today I met a freind who had come in to the city for some work. As we sat down to dinner and started talking about treks etc...he cleared his throat and said 'I got to discuss something I have been hearing about you' ..

Now, when I hear this kind of throat clearing I know something is wrong but hey he was afreind and how wrong could it be. ..? Between mouthful of chicken swarma I asked him ..Yeah?

'It seems lots of people saying that you do not respond to calls ..you do not attend socials and in someway you have turned into an 'anti social'...Has it got something to do with 'matrimonial problems'?

Now ..I almost laughed..infact almost choked on my swarama..!

I told him...' You called me? ' Did I refuse? Infact I drove 23 Kms to just meet you! In what way do you think I am anti social.

He said..well been hearing alot so i thought I would ask you if its something thats true.

Here is a gist of what I told him..

Yeah! I am an antisocial to lots of people ....I dont feel like investing my time in people I think are a drain on intellectual resources. I have limited time on earth and I want to invest that time in me. My capacity for pampering fools is not much and I draw on it limitedly. Why? because its not worth it.

If a person cant enrich me in his/her conversation why should I talk to him/her? Why should I socialise with a group that gossips and talks about people rather than ideas? Of what use is such a conversation to me?
I dont take out time for so called 'freinds' because I have better things to do..!I would rather study programming or do a sketch than drink and bitch about how bad the world is...

I dont agree that that the world is a sad place so why should I feel compelled socially to agree with those who think it is..? I cant talk about diapers and wifey joes because..well..I dont have either issues. So what do I talk about!

I have in my life felt moments of pure bliss and joy which have brought tears of joy to my eyes. Being loved by a dog, kissed by a baby or on top of a peak which I have climbed. These are joys that I like ruminating over. The joy of finally capturing 'light' in my sketches..or the joy of plotting complex numbers in matlab..I dont want to make anyone privy to them...Atleast those who are far away from understanding the import and worth of such pleasures..! How long can I talk about my bad boss..bad system and stupid political generality?

So , I stay away and spend my time better. I am selfish in the way that I dont like mixing with ugly people. Whose thoughts will disturb my mental peace and try to make me feel guilty. I dislike the power of negativity of such people.

So I stay away..Its better that way.


jaggugokhale said...

I do agree to your thought process in some degree. your selectiveness is completely understandable. probably if everyone aims his thought process in such a clear direction then the collective can rise to make a welcome change in the social atmosphere where it will be fun to interact and share.

Prabhat Mishra said...

Das, I completel(ee) (err... the wh kee in the keeboard is not working)..>!! agree with u das..!! Its a present (life) given to us and we should tr to live it the wa we want...!! Chase the dreams.. be content.. and ultimatel ee be HAPP ee...!!

Anonymous said...

Ever thought having you around reminds them of their good old carefree days ;) when there were no kids or wife to worry abt. Marriage can do wonders to peoples intellect,ever try giving them a benefit of doubt. If they complain abt you being an antisocial they obviously still care abt u :)

maybe its not that bad hanging out with them after all...look at the other side of the coin.

piyush das said...

Well... Anonymous..I wish 'they' would take the efforts of looking from the other side of the coin too. I am not a 'break' to drink beer and watch porn. As much as I respect their feelings..I think its high time I demand to be respected for my time and space. And frankly if they missed their bachelor days so much..I would request them to file for a divorce immediately. ;)