Friday, November 28, 2014

Do we deserve Modi ?

I started writing this piece when the elections were in full swing. Now I am that kind of asshole who will watch up Elections 2014 all night and give the Football Premier league a major miss. And I dont know why I stopped in between..maybe my thoughts were a bit flustered to be coherent..

Modi as a phenomenon burst forth in these last elections and every journalist worth his NaCl was analysing the pros and cons of this man. Some were regurgitating the 'modisms' while some assholic Red Party members were comparing his rallies to Nuremberg Nazi propaganda. Fear mongering at the rise of 'right wing' extremism and 'crony capitalism' reached a frenzy in the media while the elections were in full swing...

We Indians are weird lot..our best discussions happen over the overtly sweet roadside stall tea. The irish have their pubs ,americans their bars and we have our chai party. As we stood discussing weather Modi deserved to rule India or he was just a demon in disguise hungering for power ..I let in a small idea. I thought that the question was not if Modi deserved India ..the question was whether India deserved Modi. ..?
Because of late when I hear debates ..I pay close attention to the conduct of debates. The worst participant I have ever come across over TV is the so called 'hoi polloi' the common man.
This mob bastard has suddenly come of age. Now he knows that it is his time so he pulls in a long breath and berates every man in his way. This guy isn't good enough for me..I want this ..I want that ..this govt is this that etc.

To get a coherent argument out of this bastard's 'common man' is a herculean task even for the most obnoxious delhi trained anchors.
Now my question is this! Does this 'common man' who spits on the road, breaks traffic rules, cheats on his taxes..fondles butts on public transport ..deserve an honest and hardworking leader? Does he have the right to even ask for justice and fairness when his own life is a picture of being bullied or bullying ? Does he have the slightest right to deserve a guy like Modi who has had a tough and fighting life and has made it despite odds?
But then I digress..What makes Modi such a powerful factor?

1. This guy is detached. If you ever hear Modi speak ,it conveys the air of a man who although is committed to his ideals is detached almost with a monk like attitude. His personal belongings are few and he doesnt flaunt it nor hides it. He gives the air of 'nothing effects me '..and seriously this guy has seen a lot of shit..! If he has survived and shone , he is my hero!

2.  Business first. Modi is a god's gift to people who make things happen.
He isnt an anarchist but he knows the loophole that prevents a well meaning Indian from giving his best. He appeals to those who want to 'get the work done'. Point is that people who produce aernt loud people. The prefer to work hard and are concerned with their profession..honestly. These guys would not like loud rhetoric. Modi is not rhetoric..he is work personified.

3. He is an expert at keeping assholes at arms length. Modi has been efficient. He might not have been sweet ,cuddly or cute..but he is efficient. He has a great ability to put loudmouths in place by his actions and words. Which means he forms the much needed wall between those who are shouting on streets about big words like Democracy,secularism etc...and those who are working. That wall is needed because those who are working are incapable of dealing with violent rhetoric.

4. He is no flash in pan.In fact he is a piece of smouldering coal which has kept burning despite all cold water from various quarters. And that is no mean feat.

5. He isnt modest. He is the perfect amalgamation of a good product backed by solid advertising.

6. He is intelligent enough to remain a bachelor ;)

Now we need to ask ourselves..Do we seriously deserve this man?

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