Saturday, November 15, 2014

The happy porridge!

Someday I think I will write as honestly as I want to. Why someday because somewhere I believe that the meaning and semantics of 'honesty' have got blurred by a strange porridge floating around...

Its now become difficult to pick out the truth from lies. Strangest thing being that sometimes the lier himself/herself has forgotten that he/she is lying. There is no fog of confusion ..its just that there is a group pleasure in keeping eyes closed. Its a juggernut that's surely and slowly moving towards sure braindead scenario.The only sure determination being 'moving around'. 

Not only that, it has somehow discovered the numbing pleasure of being brain dead. A slow juggernaut of porridge pushing its way through caviar and uber food..converting everything into ..well ..porridge. Nameless,faceless,tasteless ..happy porridge. Yeah...that is important. The 'happy' factor. Happy in its namelessness, classlessness, and socialnesses. All the 'nesses' except for the discerness ...

Perhaps someday I will be successfull in tearing down the wall of stupidity and shame and write as honestly as I can without inhibitions. There is nothing that prevents me from doing it..perhaps lack of wisdom..patience :(

Whatever it is ..reach it before the 'Happy Porridge' eats me ;)

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