Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leaving Stuttgart

Today ..its now 630 pm. I will be leaving Stuttgart in almost 12 hrs . The party is done , gifts exchanged ..all formalities carried out ...and now I am in my office just whiling away time.
How do I feel leaving a place that was my workplace for 6 monthes?
How do I feel leaving the group of my freinds and collegues in Office? How do I feel walking out of this office and knowing that perhaps this is the last time I will see these guys in years if not decades?

I feel sad and somewat empty . And there is an awkward silence in the office . Adding to that mood is the overcast day , the usual busy hum drum at the office and the fact that I will not come to office tomorrow.

Will I miss Germany? Most likely not. Will I miss my collegues ..most likely. Will they miss me ? I dont know.

Most likely too is the fact that on reachin India ,I will be so caught up that the memories of germany will fade away soon.
Maybe for the first few days I will wake up in the morning surprised that I am not in hostel but at home. Maybe for the first few days I will get surprised at the food and noise. Maybe for the first few days I will not stop calculating in Euros...
But thats for first few days, later I will get used and maybe the memories of Germany will be a distant nostalgic moment.

Maybe someday I will meet Takafumi, Navid, Micha or Vishnja some where else and we will relive our days. But we will never be the one group we were here. It will never be the same. Maybe worse maybe better..but never ever the same.

This was a wonderful time ..despite the work pressure . I am used to such shiftings where you move out of familiar circles and jump right into unfamiliar teritories. Its nice in a way but sometimes it emotionally drains you.

Maybe its natures way of telling me to value the freinds I have , the time I have , the moments I have, the joys I have ..Instead of missing today for tomorrow!!

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Yemula Pradeep said...

Come Back safely Dude.....!!! IITB is waiting for u!!! bring an umbrella...!! its raining here