Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who Am I to judge?

Good bad and not so bad...
rag tag and not so rag tag...
A tear here and a mend there..
All patched up here and there...

You , me , all of us..
Some dead..some dying and some living dead
Some blood , some flesh and rotting pus..
A dullard , numbskull and the bright head

Who is right , who is wrong?
Who gives a roar over a song?
Who draws the final line..
Who ties the last twine..

Logic and reason
...have but one season
Passing bye and waving bye
One standing while the chain lies

Trust and fame ..
All the same ...
Betrayal and ignonmity ..same same
Wild and tame..

All flavours ..
All tastefull and rage
Some like chocolate some like fudge..
Any way who am I to judge?

1 comment:

Yemula Pradeep said...

Feel like saying "A well written poem...!!" Then again, who am I to judge....!!

And then I realize I am that typical free Indian, who has this fundamental right to judge or comment, anything and everything, especially on politics, cricket and bollywood.