Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who is right? Who decides..Khuda?

Yesterday I had a small talk with my freind on the film "Khuda ke Liye"...Of course both of us found the film one of the good films of late...Infact that it took on issues directly without any bias was something that we both appreciated..
But we hit a roadblock when we came to discussing characters. Off the cuff I told him that the most spineless and dishonest character was that of the London based muslim father who has four concubines but wants his daughter to carry the burden of protecting his "Deen"(Religion).

My freind who happens to be a muslim sympathized with this guy. His argument was like this. The father has committed a sin he is screwed(in figurative and well ..literal sense) so he is justified upon trying to "save" his daughter. And that way he can redeem himself in eyes of allah.

Well I do not know about Allah but this seemed a real real surreal and out-of - logic argument to me .

My logic is this.
If one has commited a "sin" the only person who has the liability to "redeem" himself is he alone,but he cant choose the punishment , more so decide on what others should do. I cant be patriotic by sending my countrymen to die on border while i sip a cola. Neither can I redeem a rape I have committed by marrying the girl. In short I cant choose the punishment I want,the punishment by defination is not a punishment if I give it to myself...Its sado/Masochistc pleasure. Punishment is what is given by the law of the land in which I live. Its not a choice.
Secondly, Who the hell gives me the right to "judge" a fellow human being on weather he/she is right or wrong? Who am I to decide and take upon myself to "correct" him? If I had been so righteous I wudnt have committed a "sin" in the first place? Its all very convinient to screw around with four british concubines but get "righteous" when it comes to passing a moral judgement on others. Its like a prostitute trying to preach the virtues of virginity....

Thirdly, I get surprised as to how many "Gods" agents are there on this earth? I mean if they are wat they claim to be..wat qualifies them to be one when I am not one? Plus the fact that isnt it confusing to have people with radically different ideas all preaching to be servants of GOD. Maaann..God must be one confused soul. Not to mention a petty one..I mean he will strike u down if u do not pray in a particular way..If u have this that..wat not.
I think there is one simple reason that there are so many so called "religious men"..Its damn easy to be one. Just mouth a few lines from any holy book...use a bit of popular psychology ..Be a convincing speaker and get some funds.
There is so much of insecurity in minds of common men that they will accept anyone with a beard as christ the saviour......
Coming back to the Khuda ke liye Character..I suggest he refers to Mr Jesus Christ who said..
"Let him cast the first stone..he who is without sin". And I also suggest they change the name of the film to "khuda ko baksho" (spare god)...

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